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Division of Equity
and Maternal Health

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Championing Fair Health Outcomes for All

BeVera is committed to building a future in which health outcome disparities between majority and minority populations no longer exist. Our health equity specialists have pioneered the development of training courses that include discussions of the historical origins of forms of discrimination that contribute to today's health disparities,

but that focus on implementing practical solutions to bring about equitable health outcomes for all.

We place a high value on feedback, working collaboratively with training event sponsors and participants as we plan, deliver, and reflect on our health equity training courses. Our health equity trainers are highly skilled in delivering

effective instruction in varied settings, including in-person and virtual events. They utilize effective techniques

and best instructional practices, including small-group discussions and virtual breakout rooms, as well as

case study analyses to enable trainees to apply their new knowledge to real-world scenarios. 

Read on to learn more about the division's work and accomplishments.
Health Equity Training for
CDC’s State and Local Perinatal Quality Coordinators

In August of 2022, BeVera was contracted to develop and deliver a health equity training workshop for over 100 of CDC’s state and Local Perinatal Quality Coordinators (PQCs). BeVera's health equity training team met with program managers within CDC's Division of Reproductive Health to discuss the sponsors' expectations for the workshop. Working collaboratively with the sponsors, our team chose three courses from our Health Equity course catalog that would be most beneficial for the PQCs attending the workshop.

Next, our health equity training team requested to meet with a subset of PQC representatives to learn the specific topics within the workshop's courses that would be most valuable to the PQCs' experience. This engagement allowed our team to select the trainers best positioned to create tailor-made content for those topics.

On August 24, 2022, BeVera delivered the workshop, titled "Saving Mothers of Color - Equity in Action," to participating PQCs virtually on Zoom. Thanks to our team's careful planning and attention to detail, and to our facilitators who monitored the virtual waiting room and meeting chat, the event ran seamlessly for both participants and the speakers for each of the three courses. As a closing activity for each course, participants were assigned to breakout rooms, where BeVera Team trainers and subject matter experts moderated lively discussions on a case study on the course's primary training topic. At the workshop's end, all participating PQCs were provided with the contact information for each of the team trainers, enabling participants to follow up with specific questions and requests for information.

Following the workshop, BeVera shared a survey with participants to collect their feedback. The overwhelming consensus from all survey respondents indicated that our training workshop was relevant to their work and advanced their abilities to improve outcomes at their organizations.

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Maternal Health Work for

[Health equity team work and accomplishments]

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