BeVera’s data science consultancy consists of experienced professionals who have evidenced success working ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ with clients to help solve business problems.


We are highly skilled in all things data, including but not limited to:

  • Data Collection

  • Data Cleansing

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Qualitative Analysis

  • Quantitative Analysis

  • Statistical Forecasting

  • Statistical Modeling

  • Economic Modeling

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Monitoring and Optimization

Our team excels in determining impactful uses of client data, leading to significant business outcomes and ROI.

With over 150 consulting engagements spanning health & life sciences, credit scoring, telecomm, target marketing, banking, insurance, and manufacturing arenas, our team has deployed solutions using R, SAS, Python, Scala, AWS, Azure, & Matlab in contemporary and in Big Data environments.


We offer expertise in solving business problems involving public health surveillance, risk evaluation & mitigation, fraud detection, classification, estimation, scientific computing, simulation, web analytics, marketing analytics, and logistics.


Our advantage is suited in an ability to listen to and work seamlessly with client teams towards solving business problems.