Our Introduction to Data Science course is designed for the full-time employee who wants to learn how to apply and leverage Data Science in their projects.


This course is a one-day course.   


There are no prerequisites for this course and the attendees will finish with a solid understanding of the following:

  • Data Science Tools and Technologies

  • Data Science Project Lifecycle

  • Data Science Team Roles and Responsibilities

  • Expected Outcomes of Data Science Projects

  • Using Data Science for Problem Solving

  • Leveraging Open Source Tools

*Individual and group pricing available.



Our Intermediate Data Science course is designed for the Program Analyst, Data Analyst or other individuals that wants to become a Data Scientist.  Our Intermediate Data Science course teaches an individual how to leverage Data Science tools and techniques to deliver basic Data Science products.   


This course is delivered over 10 full days of training which can be tailored to best meet the organization's schedule.

The curriculum for the Data Science Basics course is:

  1. Introduction to R

  2. Getting & Loading Your Data

    • Mining Datasets

    • Accessing Data Anywhere

    • Big Data, EDW, CRM, ERP or Social Media

    • Data formats: csv, xlsx, hive, spark, html, API and others

    • Loading Data From Local Files or Remote URLs

  3. Understanding the Data Using Descriptive Statistics

    • Class Distribution

    • Data Summary

    • Standard Deviations

    • Skewed Data

    • Correlations

  4. Understanding the Data Using Data Visualization

    • Getting the Best Results with QPlot, GGPlot & GGViz

    • Univariate and Multivariate Visualization

    • Tips For Data Visualization

  5. Preparing Data for Predictive Modeling

    • Data Pre-Processing

    • Scaling, Standardizing and Normalizing Data

    • Box-Cox and Yeo-Johnson Transformation

    • Principal Component Analysis Transformation

    • Independent Component Analysis Transformation

    • Tips for Other Data Transformations




After completing the Intermediate Data Science course, individuals are encouraged to take advantage of additional advanced Data Science training topics.  

1. Predictive Modeling 

2. Machine Learning 

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. NLP, Social and Text Mining

5. Marketing Analytics

6. Anomoly Detection

7. Neural Networks