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Data Science, Technical, and Professional Services

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Welcome to BeVera

Your one-stop resource for data science training and public health support services


BeVera is dedicated to seeing public health professionals leverage the power of data science to reduce the burden of disease and injury around the world. 


BeVera is one of the nation's leading workforce data science trainers, having delivered over 10,000 person-hours of data science training to top researchers and scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


BeVera also provides highly-skilled professional services to its CDC customers.  These services include but are not limited to, Health Communications, Epidemiology, Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Occupational Safety Consulting, IT Support, and Technical Writing.

What We Do


Data Science Training

We believe that a basic understanding of data science is essential for the public health workforce.


Health Communications

We excel in developing and disseminating audience-centered health communications products. 


Epidemiology/Data Analysis

We supply first-rate analytics professionals to support public health organizations' key programs and projects.

Our Valued Customers

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