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Our Story

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"Stay the Course"

BeVera's story is—and always has been—one of conviction and perseverance.


Vincent Lott had enjoyed tremendous success throughout his 22-year career in enterprise IT project and program management with Hewlett-Packard, but in 2013, he could not ignore the conviction that he had a different purpose: that he was meant to lead his own company, one that cultivated, inspired, and recognized excellence in its employees. His wife, Tracy, fully supported his conviction, and they decided to create and name a company in honor of their late and immensely inspiring mothers, Bettie Lott and Vera Times, who both spent their careers as nurses in the public health field. In December of that year, BeVera Solutions was born, and the Lotts set foot on the path to achieving success for the company.


Like many small businesses, BeVera's early years brought numerous challenges that threatened the company's existence. Unlike many small business owners, Vincent and Tracy were determined to "stay the course," to trust that the combined expertise of their core team members and their sheer determination would lead BeVera to success. Sure enough, BeVera found its footing as a data science consulting and training company, securing its first training opportunity with CDC’s CSELS in early 2019.  


Vincent and his team continued knocking on doors at CDC with the faith that BeVera would eventually get accepted into the SBA's 8(a) business development program.  After receiving multiple 8(a) program denials since 2017, at 3pm on December 24th of 2019 (Christmas Eve), Vincent received an email from the SBA informing him that BeVera had finally been accepted into the 8(a) program.  BeVera was awarded its first 8(a) contract within 6 months of being accepted into the program.  Today, BeVera has been awarded 23 prime contracts at CDC and has served as the designer and primary training vendor for CDC's first Data Science Academy.

The Lotts, along with each and every BeVera employee, are tremendously proud of the success that the company has achieved, but no one wishes to grow complacent. Even now, everyone at BeVera strives to "stay the course," to continue on this path of excellence that the Lotts and their dedication paved for all of us so that we earn the reputation of being the very best at what we do.  

Bettie Lott and Vera Times, pictured in 1993. Bettie is on the left, and Vera is on the right.


By the Numbers


person-hours of data science training provided for CDC's top researchers and scientists


years in business, having been established by Vincent M. Lott, our CEO, in 2013


prime contracts across 12  different CDC centers, institutes,  and offices (CIOs)


years of IT and public health experience across the leadership of our team

In Trusted Hands

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BeVera currently performs as the prime contractor on multiple federal contracts, with an average contract value of $1.16M.  We are incredibly proud to have achieved this level of success by earning and sustaining the trust of our customers.


We understand that standardized and effective management processes, along with collaborative, continuous communication, are essential to the success of each and every contract. For this reason, we work with each customer and our employees to develop a work plan, to which we hold our employees accountable. We meet routinely with the customer and with our employees to ensure that we receive continual feedback from all parties. This proactive and continual communication has resulted in stellar CPARS ratings and reviews from our customers.


BeVera also actively fosters a culture of integrity, respect, and service. Our leadership team is charged with ensuring that our employees are well-placed and supported in order to guarantee their success. We support our employees' growth to the fullest extent, and we know that by doing so, we can trust them to go above and beyond the call of duty to serve our customers.

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