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Health Communications Specialist (GID)

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Job Details

Remote Type: Temporary Remote

Position Type: Full Time

Education Level: 4-Year Degree

Job Shift: Day

Job Category: Government - Federal

BeVera Solutions is seeking an experienced Health Communications Specialist to join our team of qualified, diverse individuals in transforming the future of technology and public health. This position will be located in Atlanta, GA and will become part of BeVera’s team that supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) One Health Office. One Health is a collaborative, multisectoral approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of humans, animals, and the environment. Changes in the interactions between people, animals, and the environment have led to a greater focus on One Health work. These changes have also led to a geographical spread in known zoonotic diseases (diseases spread between animals and people) as well as the emergence of new zoonotic diseases like COVID-19.

The qualified applicant should have knowledge in planning, implementing, and evaluating a variety of health communication and marketing activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support One Health activities related to human-animal-environment interface issues, emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19, pandemic preparedness, and outbreak response and prevention

  • Develop communication materials, toolkits, web content, and social media to support One Health messages relevant to COVID-19 and pandemic preparedness, focusing on companion animals, domestic animals, and wildlife

  • Provide technical assistance to Shepherd Contract awardee on pandemic preparedness toolkits, One Health projects, and communication materials

  • Provide technical assistance to international partners, including the WHO-FAO-OIE Tripartite, to develop communication materials for global partners related to COVID-19 and general One Health communication materials

  • Write and edit summary of evidence documents and prevention, testing, and management recommendations for animal health, public health, and/or environmental health during the COVID-19 response or other epidemics/pandemics

  • Participate in One Health meetings and calls, and other duties as assigned, to support One Health needs relevant to COVID-19 as well as pandemic preparedness

  • Participate in CDC Emergency Response Activities relevant to One Health

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Minimum of 2 to 6 years of Public Health experience

  • CDC experience

  • Health Communications experience in creating and editing communication products, such as social media and web content, PowerPoint presentations, news article, fact sheets, pamphlets, etc.

  • Ability to manage multiple projects and to work under pressure and tight deadlines

  • Ability to work independently and to contribute in a team environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's of Public Health degree, or similar

  • Well-organized with the ability to work rapidly in an emergency environment

  • Attention to detail and commitment to high quality/error free deliverables

  • Self-sufficient in delivering work and overcoming technical problems

Language Skills

The candidate must possess excellent oral and written communication skills in English.


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