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BeVera Employees - Spread Your Wings!!

Scroll down for Benefit Plans 

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BeVera Employees - Spread Your Wings!!

Scroll down for Benefit Plans 


Employee Handbook


Employee Handbook

Our employee handbook describes BeVera's policies, procedures and benefits.  Download the most recent version here.


Health and Wellness

BeVera offers Health, Dental and Vision insurance benefits to all eligible employees.  Details of those plans can be found at the links below:

BeVera's Benefits Guide (click)

Kaiser Permanente 2022 Guide (click)

Kaiser Permanente 2021 Guide (click)

Kaiser Permanente Portal (click)

Kaiser Permanente Mobile App (click)

Summary of Benefits & Coverage PPO plan for Out-of-State employees(click)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (

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Retirement Planning

Over the years, investing for retirement has shifted from employer-based pension plans, to employee-owned IRAs and 401Ks.  Getting started early is the key to a financially secure retirement.  BeVera matches up to 3% of our employees' IRA contributions as our way of investing in our employees' financial future.  Click here for information on BeVera's Simple-IRA plan.  You can also contact Vanguard at 800-992-7188 for investment assistance within the plan.


Giving Back

Our employees have huge hearts.  Many of our employees are dedicated to various charitable organizations and causes.  If you support a charitable organization, please our HR team a link to that organization.  We will display it below with your contact information for those that want to learn how to get involved.  

Employee Lunch & Learn Sessions

Going8a Minority Contractor Training

-Vincent Lott, 770-617-8791


Center for the Visually Impaired 

-Adrian Ramsey, 770-820-9306

The Safe Side of the Fence Documentary

-Denise Brock,

Be the Match - Donating Bone Marrow

-Donsia Smith,

The Betty Lott & Vera Times Foundation

BeVera's 501(c)(3) Charity


Important Resources

ESP21 Time Keeping Procedures (click)

ESP21 Timecard Portal (click)

Paycom Employee Portal (click)

GSA U.S. Per Diem Rates (click)

International Per Diem Rates (click)

Employment Verification Requests (click)


Pay Dates and Holidays

Click here to see BeVera's pay dates.

Click here for Federal Holidays we observe.


Department of Labor Notices

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The North Carolina  Department of Labor Notices: